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If White people started rioting and chimping out in response to Black on White crime (something that's a hell of a lot more widespread than police killing innocent blacks), all the people currently shilling ThugLivesMatter would be calling for the most vicious and tyrannical government crackdown you can imagine.

@ChristiJunior Look at how they responded to white people walking around with tiki-torches. They were nearly advocating for state-sanctioned genocide over UTR.

@kino One dead SJW landwhale is treated like this great national trauma, while countless White people murdered by blacks and illegals is swept under the rug. It's grotesque just how rigged the game is.

@ChristiJunior They were calling for violent state repression even before leftist agitators came to stir shit up. Even when it was just them meeting at their gathering (which was permitted and done through all the legal channels) the left/liberals were calling for the police/government to do something about it.

I'm not right-wing and I was never with UTR, but watching the dichotomy between both spectacles—that one and the subsequent string of leftist insurrectionist activities (like the one we're seeing presently)…it's *staggering* the double-standards and hypocrisy. From someone (me) who is genuinely non-political and basically an apathetic/neutral observer with popcorn commentary…absolutely, the game is rigged.

@ChristiJunior Now, being "non-political" doesn't mean I don't have political or sociopolitical opinions. Of course I do. Everybody does. What I mean is: I don't have any structured political framework, I don't share any ideology, I'm not a member of any political party, I basically don't focus on politics outside of the always-entertaining quadrennial presidential super-bowls, I don't watch news (I don't even have cable), and I'm not a member of any political or ideological groups or organizations. I'm pretty close to an NPC at the end of the day. I wake up, I go to work, I come home, I drink beer, I shit-post online and involve myself with hobbies, projects, or school. But, I have a sense of smell and I can recognize bullshit when I sniff it and I'm not afraid of expressing my personal views/opinions.

@ChristiJunior I just wanna grill for god's sake!